CTI is a kind of software that manages all the incoming and outcoming calls of a corporation and applies logical call processes depending on the business structure of the company. It allows for the unificationg of Human Resources and Hardware actions, so they can accordingly combine for granting the company a technological solutiion in order to obtain revenues from performance and productivity.

CTI consists of planning a campaign through a Dial Plan. Agents, extensions, queues, profiles, final, lists are planned and dimensioned, along with all the necessary elements to initiate a contact campaign.

The Luxor Technologies professionals help implement web solutions for each client, from the decision of using hardware or software phone lines, the browsers configuration and their Xul or ActiveX complements, the necessat lybraries for the integraion of existent solutions, or the configuration of predictive algorithms and their rules.

The same functional solution alows for different kinds of implementation depending on the client. It is possible to opt for an OnSite implementation, a virtual multi-site, a hosted solution or as ASP. All of Luxor Technologies solutions can be adapted to each of the clients needs and represent an alternative to larger implementations at the companies grounds, offering security and redundance at a very high level.