Luxor Contact Suite Architecture

The architecture is modular and processes can be implemented into several computers, allowing to decrease costs.

SIP Protocol

Luxor Contact Suite bases its architecture entirely on IP technology. Assuming that CTI links no longer exist, data and voice monitoring currently travel and are monitorized without temporary limits, with calls based on voice over IP ptrotocol, SIP. Luxor Contact Suite includes in its solution a recording system.

This allows multi-channel operation, which supports audio, video, chat and email. Through SIP, IVRY & ACD technologies, which do not cease to be a more natural treatment of interactions, those channels are integrated into the PBX itself.

All information relating to the interactions, both audio and user tables are stored in the database system.

Use of Web Browsers

The system is operated through the Web browser, eliminating incompatibilities with various operating systems and enables management from Linux, Windows, Mac and others. channeling bar is integrated into the browser.

The SIP Stack can be integrated within or outside the browser as hardphone or softphone and even through instant messaging clients. It converts the browser into a phone line, in which URLs prompt tabs associated with the call including the corresponding information and which can be done simultaneously with several calls, which are associated with multiple browser tabs. This also allows to receive Skype calls with voice, video and messages through the URL.

The telephone control through the browser lets you manage and display all actions like login, dial, pauses, call completion, historical and rescheduling of contacts.

The agent connects via physical SIP phone or virtual phone to a serviceconsisting of inbound or outbound campaigns, chat or email and displays the targeted list of contacts.