Luxor Technologies solutions has received immediate and positive attention by the Call Centers market. Adaptability, scalability, and especially the cost structure have convinced several major companies that have trusted Luxor Technologies the managing of their channeling software.

Luxor Contact Suite is a professional response to current and future channeling needs of both small and large companies.

Among our clients, there are all kinds of companies, that have found an adecuate solution for their management requirements.

  • Acquamedia
    A company that offers specialized services in WAP and WEB environments, regarding digital content for mobile telephone operators.
  • Graficas AGA
    Gráficas AGA is a leader Offset printing systems company in Europe, specialized in design printing and repreinting, as well as several other services related to printing.
  • Arquinec
    Generate results through the application of technology in business.
    Give companies a solid platform even in complex and changingenvironments. Add value through the most advanced technological solutionsadapted to the needs of our customers.
  • Asistentes Virtuales
    Applications based in real dialogue which allos to improve que quality of the service and dramatically reduce costs.
  • Banco Pastor
  • Banco Pastor’s origins date back to 1776, when the Catalan merchant and banker, Jaime Dalmau Batista, founded, in the city of A Coruña, an establishment for wholesale trading and lending operations. During its more than 230 years of history, Banco Pastor has witnessed the exception ups and downs of social, cultural and economic nature all around the world.
  • Castinfo
    Since its founding in 1993, Castinfo has acted at all times as a pioneer in introducing new concepts of information processing and communications.
  • Cetelem
    The credit bank Cetelem -a company part of French banking group BNP Paribas- is a specialist in personal loans and bases its operation on an online strategy.
  • Confortaria
    Confortaria is a Spanish company specializing in climate solutions and energy management.
  • Corporación Legal
    Company dedicated to credit recovery and debts with extensive experience in the financial, supplies, telecommunications and insurance areas, offering a full range of services from friendly recovery of debt, to the legal claim, including location, asset investigation, credit reports, recovery of VAT tax and even purchase of nonperforming loans.
  • CPM
    CPM is a service company dedicated to planning, development and implementation of promotional marketing campaigns, field marketing and telemarketing, strategies intended to create, encourage, maintain and strengthen our customers’ relationships with their clients and / or distribution channels.
  • Emprosoft
    Emprosoft is a Spanish company that has been exclusively tdedicated o telecommunications expense management for more than 20 years, it aims to increase business efficiency, improving both processes and management control of telecommunications expenses.
  • Grupo Anaya
    Grupo Anaya is the second Spanish publishing group, and number one in the field of educational and reference publishing .
  • Indra
    Indra is a leader in technological services for companies within sectors such as electronics, computing and communications.
  • Mapfre
    Mapfreis an independent Spanish group that develops primarily insurance, reinsurance, and services in Spain and other 44 countries. Mapfre has the most extensive distribution network within the Spanish insurance sector and is one of the largest financial institutions.
  • Minser Group
    Minser Group provides call center services and event management and marketing and audiovisual production services.
  • Técnicas Competitivas
    Técnicas Competitivas is a company dedicated to providing services and product development within the sector of the Information Technology and Communication, especially in the field of Health, Public Administration and the Port industries.
  • Thales
    Thales is a leader in engineering and high voltage projects, maintenance and development of telecommunications infrastructure and technology centers.
  • Universal
    Universal is one of the largest audiovisual production companies worldwide.
  • Laboratorios Ysonut
    Laboratorios Ysonut was founded over 15 years ago with the aim of providing solutions to the dietary imbalances of our time as well as health problems that accompany them, such as obesity, recently ranked as a global epidemic by the World Health Organization.