Generation Y

Generation Y sets the pace today to follow and has a huge influence on business decisions.

The changes are not assimilated by all generations in the same way as Generation Y, which was born in a context of constant evolution and has always to be governed on the basis of this dynamic. Therefore, is a restless generation to survive, must move fast, but quiet enough to understand what happens?

Born between the early 80s and early 90s, members of Generation Y, also called Millennials, are being formed as the workforce of today and tomorrow’s society. This is why it is so important to identify the needs, expectations and desires of this generation, because this will be the route of the market to new horizons and any company wishing to maintain long- term competitiveness, should deepen their knowledge about after all, the Millenials are the new talents that all companies should have in their workforce and as consumers.

Generation Y sets the pace today to follow and has a huge influence on business decisions
Gen Y, next generation

Characteristics of Gen Y

They want to understand, do not believe everything they are told without putting any objection, challenge what others consider seek absolute truth and come to the knowledge on their own, for which often use the Internet as a source of all the answers, yet even more their own parents or trainers who cross his path.

Generation Y needs autonomy, have the ability to choose without pressure, do not act properly secured without these conditions and refuse to settle in authoritarian environments, where their voice is not taking place.

These youths are easily adaptable to changes, however these are sudden need moreover, that change is continuous, because that’s the dynamic that always is experienced.

Part of this need for constant change is evident in the accelerated pace of life they lead, where everything must be fast and immediate, from access to information, to the provision of a service or knowledge of a new application.

Technology plays a major role in the lives of Generation Y, as it has always been present in their way because they were born in the heat of the digital revolution, where everything is within reach, the tools that they seek must comply with this premise: accessibility.

The game has also mastered part of the life of this generation, starting with the classic game consoles, the computer, to the PlayStation and mobile devices (Smartphone and Tablet). So they learned to master as any other generation’s own language and understand the game any fun dynamic that comes their way.


How to Attract Generation Y?

It is important to make clear how much influence does the game dynamics in the lives of members of Generation Y. They believe that game mechanics and metaphors that are extracted from them can be applied to any aspect of life, there lies the potential for the application of these techniques in the business environment to attract and motivate these young to participate.

They know the dynamics of the game, which speeds up the action of the companies after the conquest of these consumers, because they understand the rules more quickly and therefore act more quickly.

For this generation, competition is as important as winning, what works is to achieve the proposed objectives, so companies must implement measures to encourage the participation of these customers always betting that they can feel that they are progressing and that its growth is sustained.

Talent management, workers of Generation Y, is also governed by these rules. These workers want to be recognized for their achievements, seeking to enter workplaces where they know they will grow in the short term. They want to work on challenging projects, know that their ideas are taken into account and, of course, need continuous feedback, the feedback needed to optimize their performance, knowing where they are located.

Due to its characteristics, objectives and expectations, Generation Y suggests above all a very interesting face for companies looking to stay alive in the years to come challenge. It is this generation that can drive business growth, not only as a consumer market, as well as labor market. This generation is the present and a safe bet for the future in the business world in general and society.